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6721 Mosasaurus

LEGO nr.:


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Part ID Quantity Color Description
30392Dark GraySlope 45 2 x 2
60271RedAlligator / Crocodile / Dragon Upper Jaw; Dinosaur Tongue
40373pb032Light GrayDinosaur Body Quarter with Pin Holes, Set 6721 Pattern - Dark Gray/Sand Blue/Dark Blue/Red
40374pb032Light GrayDinosaur Body Quarter with Pins, Set 6721 Pattern - Dark Gray/Sand Blue/Dark Blue/Red
403881Light GrayDinosaur Head Toothed, Jaw Bottom
403851Dark GrayDinosaur Sail Fin
403752Sand BlueDinosaur Body Neck / Tail Ring
403781Sand BlueAnimal Tail Section Middle with Pin dinosaur,neck
403791Sand BlueAnimal Tail Section End dinosaur,horn,spider,tusk
40380c01pb031Sand BlueDinosaur Legs Short, Set 6721 Pattern - Dark Gray, Red, Blue
403864Sand BlueDinosaur Flipper with Pin
40387px11Sand BlueDinosaur Head Toothed, Jaw Top with Pin, Set 6721 Pattern - Dark Gray, Red, and Dark Blue
403932Sand BlueDinosaur Foot
403961Sand BlueAnimal Dinosaur Neck/Tail S Curve with Pin
61271Sand BlueDragon / Dinosaur Arm Right
61281Sand BlueDragon / Dinosaur Arm Left
bb281Sand BlueDinosaur Tail / Neck Base Section with Pin
x1581Sand BlueDinosaur Head Small
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