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30281 Micro Manager Battle

LEGO nr.:


LEGO annee:


LEGO thème:

The LEGO movie



Nombre de pages:



30031RedBrick 2 x 2
158441BlackMinifig Hair Wyldstyle LEGO Movie
303776BlackArm Mechanical [Battle Droid]
970c00pr06281BlackHips and Black Legs with Wyldstyle Print
973pr2590c011BlackMinifig Torso with Wyldstyle Print
3626cpr13261YellowMinifig Head Wyldstyle LEGO Movie Recessed Stud
298c021Light Bluish GrayLever Small Base with Black Lever
158531BlackMinifig Hood Wyldstyle
40061BlackMinifig Spanner / Screwdriver
646442BlackMinifig Telescope
61171Dark Bluish GrayMinifig Chainsaw Blade
923381Dark Bluish GrayChain 5 links
447282BlackBracket 1 x 2 - 2 x 2
992072BlackBracket 1 x 2 - 2 x 2 Inverted
759371Flat SilverPlate Special 2 x 2 with Bar Frame Octagonal, Reinforced, Completely Round Studs
2412b1Dark Bluish GrayTile 1 x 2 Grill with Bottom Groove
40731Trans-RedPlate Round 1 x 1 Straight Side
4032a1Light Bluish GrayPlate 2 x 2 Round with Axlehole Type 1
40731Light Bluish GrayPlate Round 1 x 1 Straight Side
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