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LEGO 70104 Jungle Gates

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Part ID Quantity Color Description
No Image3626cpr11191TanMinifig Head Dual Sided - Chima Lion with Orange Eyes, Brown Nose, Teeth, Closed / Open Mouth Print - Recessed Stud
No Image973pr2226c011TanTorso Bare Chest with Body Lines, Dark Blue Belts and Chi Orb Print / Tan Arms / White Hands
No Image970c02pr04301Dark BlueHips and Tan Legs with Strapped Kilt, Lion Knee Protection and Clawed Feet Print
27802BlackTechnic Pin with Friction and Slots
30236Reddish BrownPlate 1 x 2
981382Trans-Light BlueTile Round 1 x 1
No Image60213901(No Color)Legends of Chima Deck #1 Game Card #6 [Lennox ]
No Image60213911(No Color)Legends of Chima Deck #1 Game Card #12 [Defendor VI ]
No Image60213921(No Color)Legends of Chima Deck #1 Game Card #18 [Decalius]
No Image60213931(No Color)Legends of Chima Deck #1 Game Card #24 [Jabaka]
No Image60213941(No Color)Legends of Chima Deck #1 Game Card #30 [Rototo]
926901Pearl GoldBar 1L with Top Stud and Two Side Studs
61082Reddish BrownBrick Arch 1 x 12 x 3
509504Dark GreenSlope Curved 3 x 1 No Studs
301364Reddish BrownBrick Special 1 x 2 Palisade [aka Log]
302744Light Bluish GrayBrick Special 2 x 3 x 3 with Cutout and Lion Head
No Image130251Reddish BrownMinifig Mask - Chima Lion with Tan Face and Dark Blue Headpiece Print
No Image117671Dark Bluish GrayFlywheel Plate 2 x 8 with Metal Flywheel and Dark Azure Tyre [Complete Assembly]
110971Flat SilverMinifig Shoulder Pads with 1 Stud on Front, 2 Studs on Back
44971Flat SilverMinifig Spear
6126b6Trans-OrangeWave / Flame Rounded with Rim
61171Pearl GoldMinifig Chainsaw Blade
301764GreenRound 1 x 1 - 3 Bamboo Leaves
877471WhiteBarb - Large
302394LimeLeaves 6 x 5 Swordleaf [Clip]
534511Pearl GoldBarb - Small
477201Light Bluish GrayPlate Special 2 x 2 with Wheels Holder Wide - Technic Pins
509512BlackTyre 11.2 x 6.4 Slick
426102Light Bluish GrayWheel 11 x 8 mm [Centre Groove]
3062b4GreenBrick Round 1 x 1 Open Stud
40734Dark Bluish GrayPlate Round 1 x 1 Straight Side
47402Dark Bluish GrayDish 2 x 2 Inverted [Radar]
111276Trans-Light BlueRock 1 x 1 Crystal 4 Point
302934Dark Bluish GrayRock Boulder, Top
No Image11110pb031YellowFly Wheel Fairing Lion Shape with Silver and Dark Brown Print (70011)
No Image111261YellowRip Cord Flexible with Handle
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