9571 Fangdam

Part ID Quantity Color Description
30042OrangeBrick 1 x 2
30221OrangePlate 2 x 2
3004981361WhiteSnake, Mini
No Image98344pb031Trans-RedRing 4 x 4 with 2 x 2 Hole and 2 Intertwined Snakes with White and Black Pattern (Ninjago Spinner Crown)
No Imagebb549c16pb011Pearl Dark GrayTurntable 6 x 6 Round Base Serrated with Trans-Red Top with Black and White Pattern (Ninjago Spinner)
No Image937871Flat SilverMinifig, Weapon Spiked Flail - Flexible Rubber
534512Pearl GoldBarb Small (Helmet Horn)
639651Pearl GoldBar 6L with Stop Ring
926901Pearl GoldBar 1L with Top Stud and Two Side Studs