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LEGO 8913 Nuparu

LEGO no.:


LEGO año:


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Número de páginas:


Archivos adjuntos

Parte ID Quantity Color Descripción
320626BlackTechnic, Axle 2 Notched
473061BlackBionicle Hips / Lower Torso with 2 Ball Joints and 7 Tooth Half Gear
508984Dark Bluish GrayTechnic, Axle and Pin Connector 2 x 7 with Two Ball Joint Sockets
3062b2Trans-Neon GreenBrick, Round 1 x 1 Open Stud
321745BlackTechnic, Axle Connector 2 x 3 with Ball Socket, Open Sides
32062473131Trans-Neon OrangeBionicle Head Connector Block Eye/Brain Stalk (Toa Metru)
No Image473121Dark Bluish GrayBionicle Head Connector Block (Toa Metru)
27805BlackTechnic Pin with Friction and Slots
430931BlueTechnic, Axle Pin with Friction Ridges Lengthwise
42744Light Bluish GrayTechnic, Pin 1/2
No Image535451BlackBionicle Toa Inika Upper Torso / Shoulders Section
No Image535461BlackBionicle Chest Armor, Toa Inika - Type 1
No Image535634BlackBionicle Piraka Arm Section with Two Ball Joints
No Image535682BlackBionicle Foot Piraka Mechanical
No Image575262BlackBionicle Thigh and Shoulder Armor, Right (Toa Mahri Nuparu)
No Image575412BlackBionicle Thigh and Shoulder Armor, Left (Toa Mahri Nuparu)
575259RedBionicle Weapon Cordak Ammo
No Image577021Trans-Light BlueBionicle Mask - Inner Glass (for Faxon, Tryna, Volitak)
No Image494231Pearl Light GrayBionicle Toa Metru Chest Cover
No Image575231Pearl Light GrayBionicle Weapon Cordak Blaster
No Image575292Pearl Light GrayBionicle Weapon Double Blade / Shield Half (Toa Mahri Nuparu)
No Image575331Pearl Light GrayBionicle Mask Volitak
575391Pearl Light GrayHose, Flexible Ribbed with 8mm ends, 19L
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