3666 Petrol Station

Parte ID Quantity Colore Descrizione
30012YellowBrick 2 x 4
30028YellowBrick 2 x 3
30031YellowBrick 2 x 2
No Imagefab9c1UnknownMinifig
No Imagefabbc11BlueFabuland Door Frame with Door (Yellow Door)
No Imagefabac11RedFabuland Tricycle (1 Front Wheel)
No Imagefabhook1YellowHook, Fabuland Tow Hook - Hook only
30331BluePlate 6 x 10
787c013BlueFabuland Roof Support with Red Roof Slope without Chimney Hole
787c031BlueFabuland Roof Support with Red Roof Slope with Chimney Hole
7901BlueFabuland Roof Chimney
No Imagex637c022BlueFabuland Building Wall 2 x 6 x 7 with Squared Yellow Window
33341GreenBaseplate 16 x 24
40061Light GrayMinifig, Utensil Spanner / Screwdriver
No Imagex931Light GrayMinifig, Utensil Pipe Wrench
No Image39971YellowHook, Fabuland Tow Hook - Arm, 2 x 4 Base
43321Earth OrangeMinifig, Utensil Broom