6703 Space Mini Figures

Parte ID Quantity Colore Descrizione
No Imagesp0012UnknownMinifig
No Imagesp0131UnknownMinifig
No Imagesp0141UnknownMinifig
No Imagesp0151UnknownMinifig
No Imagesp0161UnknownMinifig
3962a1BlackMinifig, Utensil Radio with Compact Handle
40061BlackMinifig, Utensil Spanner / Screwdriver
47351BlackBar 1 x 3 with Clip and Stud Receptacle (Robot Arm)
43491Light GrayMinifig, Utensil Loudhailer / SW Blaster
43601Light GrayMinifig, Utensil Camera with Side Sight (Space Gun)
44791Light GrayMinifig, Utensil Metal Detector