4604 Police Copter

Parte ID Quantity Colore Descrizione
24561Dark GrayBrick 2 x 6
2456js0281UnknownMinifig - Jack Stone
No Imagejs0051(No Color)Minifig - Jack Stone - Police - Blue Legs, Black Jacket, Blue Helmet [Female]
3678a1Dark GraySlope 65° 2 x 2 x 2 Smooth without Bottom Tube
47291WhiteBrick Special 2 x 2 No Studs, Top Pin
306211BlackTechnic Brick Special 12 x 2 with 2 Side and 2 End Pins, Technic Holes, and 4W Flared End
43601Light GrayMinifig Camera with Side Sight [aka Space Gun]
3962b1Dark GrayMinifig Radio [Extended Handle, Compact Speaker Grille]
306191WhiteCockpit 6 x 6 x 5 with Hinge
No Image6239px11WhiteTail Shuttle with Police Blue Checkered Print
No Image71137b1Chrome SilverVehicle Exhaust Pipe with Technic Pin
No Image30633px21Trans-Dark BlueWindscreen 4 x 6 x 4 Canopy with Hinge and White Star and Vents Print
No Image30636c011Dark GrayString Reel 1 x 4 x 2 Complete with String and Dark Gray Hook with Towball
302481BlackHelicopter Skid Rails 12 x 6
306441BlackPropeller 2 Blade 4 x 22
46171BlackPropeller 3 Blade 5.5 Diameter