6002 Castle Figures

Onderdeel ID Aantal Kleur Omschrijving
No Imagebut0011UnknownShirt with 3 Buttons - Red, Red Arms, Black Legs, Black Pigtails Hair (Firewoman)
No Imagebut0111UnknownShirt with 6 Buttons - Blue, Blue Legs, Red Construction Helmet
No Imagedoc0081UnknownDoctor - Straight Line, White Legs, Black Pigtails Hair
3962a1BlackMinifig, Utensil Radio with Compact Handle
38361BrownMinifig, Utensil Pushbroom
40061Light GrayMinifig, Utensil Spanner / Screwdriver
38371Dark GrayMinifig, Utensil Shovel (Round Stem End)