3660 Fisherman's Cottage

Onderdeel ID Aantal Kleur Omschrijving
30044YellowBrick 1 x 2
30331RedPlate 6 x 10
30301YellowPlate 4 x 10
38991BlueMinifig, Utensil Cup
37411GreenPlant Flower Stem
38671GreenBaseplate 16 x 16
36331RedFence 1 x 4 x 1
300447931RedFabuland Boat
787c024RedFabuland Roof Support with Green Roof Slope without Chimney Hole
787c02x637c022RedFabuland Building Wall 2 x 6 x 7 with Squared Yellow Window
No Image43271BrownFabuland Utensil Fishing Rod
No Image3742c011WhitePlant Flower Small, Sprue of Four
No Image4794a2Earth OrangeFabuland Utensil Oar with Ring Handle
No Image42221Fabuland BrownFabuland Chair