21110 Research Institute

Onderdeel ID Aantal Kleur Omschrijving
362236221WhiteBrick 1 x 3
No Image3626cpr05801YellowMinifig Head Dual Sided Female with Red Lips, Crow's Feet and Beauty Mark, Annoyed / Smiling Print [Hollow Stud]
No Image3626cpr13491YellowMinifig Head Dual Sided Female Black Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Red Lips, Lopsided Smile / Scared Open Mouth with Teeth Print [Hollow Stud]
No Image3626cpr13531YellowMinifig Head Dual Sided Female Glasses with Black Frames, Red Lips, Determined / Scared Print [Hollow Stud]
93609936092WhiteArm Skeleton [Bent / 2 Clips]
No Image973pr2815c011WhiteTorso Lab Coat with Pockets and ID Badge over Orange Shirt / White Arms / Yellow Hands
No Image983132WhiteArm Mechanical [Thick Support]
970c00970c001Dark TanHips and Legs [Complete Assembly]
30377303771Light Bluish GrayArm Mechanical [Battle Droid]
No Image973pr1576c011Dark Bluish GrayTorso Suit Jacket, Two Buttons, Pink Shirt and Magenta Scarf Print/ Dark Bluish Gray Arms / Yellow Hands
No Image973pr1918c011Medium BlueTorso Female Shirt with Two Buttons and Shell Pendant Print / Medium Blue Arms / Yellow Hands
No Image879901Bright Light YellowMinifig Hair Female Ponytail and Swept Sideways Fringe
970c00970c001Dark BlueHips and Legs [Complete Assembly]
59363593631Dark OrangeMinifig Hair Female Mid-Length with Braid around Sides
302430242BluePlate 1 x 1
302230221WhitePlate 2 x 2
302030202Reddish BrownPlate 2 x 4
302230222Reddish BrownPlate 2 x 2
302330231Reddish BrownPlate 1 x 2
395839583Light Bluish GrayPlate 6 x 6
302230221Dark Bluish GrayPlate 2 x 2
98138981381BlueTile Round 1 x 1
3070b3070b16WhiteTile 1 x 1 with Groove
3069b3069b1Trans-ClearTile 1 x 2 with Groove
3069b3069b1Reddish BrownTile 1 x 2 with Groove
3070b3070b17Dark Bluish GrayTile 1 x 1 with Groove
663666361Dark Bluish GrayTile 1 x 6 with Groove
98138981381Flat SilverTile Round 1 x 1
98138981381Dark RedTile Round 1 x 1
30374303742WhiteBar 4L (Lightsaber Blade / Wand)
11090110902Reddish BrownBar Holder with Clip
87994879942Reddish BrownBar 3L
92690926901Reddish BrownBar 1L with Top Stud and Two Side Studs
87994879941Light Bluish GrayBar 3L
303930391Reddish BrownSlope 45° 2 x 2
609160911Dark Bluish GrayBrick Curved 1 x 2 x 1 1/3 with Curved Top
87087870871Light Bluish GrayBrick Special 1 x 1 with Stud on 1 Side
453345331WhiteCupboard 2 x 3 x 2 Door
453645362WhiteCupboard 2 x 3 x X Drawer
92410924102Light Bluish GrayCupboard 2 x 3 x 2 with Hollow Studs
95343953431Light Bluish GrayBucket 1 x 1 x 1
No Image108301BlackMagnifying Glass with Trans-Clear Lens [Thick Rim]
60849608492WhiteMinifig Hose Nozzle with Side String Hole Simplified
389938992Trans-ClearMinifig Cup
No Image93549pat011Trans-ClearBottle, Erlenmeyer Flask with Trans-Bright Green Fluid Pattern
No Image93549pat021Trans-ClearBottle, Erlenmeyer Flask with Trans-Purple Fluid Pattern
95228952282Trans-ClearMinifig Bottle
No Image645671Light Bluish GrayMinifig Lightsaber Hilt with Bottom Ring
87989879892Light Bluish GrayMinifig Syringe
30154301541Dark Bluish GrayMinifig Sextant
30162301621Dark Bluish GrayMinifig Binoculars
4865b4865b1WhitePanel 1 x 2 x 1 [Rounded Corners]
623162312WhitePanel 1 x 1 x 1 Corner
87552875521Reddish BrownPanel 1 x 2 x 2 [Side Supports / Hollow Studs]
No Image150641WhiteInsect Leg / Tail
53451534516WhiteBarb Small (Helmet Horn)
93160931601WhiteDog Bone, Short
11476114764WhitePlate Special 1 x 2 with Clip Horizontal on Side
15573155731WhitePlate Special 1 x 2 with 1 Stud with Groove and Inside Stud Holder (Jumper)
254025401WhitePlate Special 1 x 2 Side Handle [Free Ends]
4081b4081b2WhitePlate Special 1 x 1 with Clip Light [Thick Ring]
60470a60470a5WhitePlate Special 1 x 2 with Clips Horizontal [Thick U-Clips]
60478604784WhitePlate Special 1 x 2 with Handle on End [Closed Ends]
92280922802WhitePlate Special 1 x 2 [Top Clip]
254025401Light Bluish GrayPlate Special 1 x 2 Side Handle [Free Ends]
15573155731Dark Bluish GrayPlate Special 1 x 2 with 1 Stud with Groove and Inside Stud Holder (Jumper)
No Image6179pr00111BlackTile Modified 4 x 4 with Studs on Edge with Gemini, Auriga, Canis Minor, Taurus and Orion Constellations Print
15712157126WhiteTile Special 1 x 1 with Clip with Rounded Edges
393739371BlackHinge Brick 1 x 2 Base
613461341Light Bluish GrayHinge Brick 2 x 2 Top Plate Thin
59900599001WhiteCone 1 x 1 [Top Groove]
59900599001Trans-BlackCone 1 x 1 [Top Groove]
3062b3062b1Trans-ClearBrick Round 1 x 1 Open Stud
3062b3062b1Light Bluish GrayBrick Round 1 x 1 Open Stud
265426541WhitePlate Round 2 x 2 with Rounded Bottom [Boat Stud]
407340738WhitePlate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud
407340731Trans-YellowPlate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud
407340731Trans-ClearPlate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud
407340732Reddish BrownPlate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud
474047402Reddish BrownDish 2 x 2 Inverted [Radar]
407340731Light Bluish GrayPlate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud
474047401Light Bluish GrayDish 2 x 2 Inverted [Radar]