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LEGO 6865 Captain America's Avenging Cycle

LEGO nr.:


LEGO год:


LEGO тема:

Super Heroes



Количество страниц:



Поделиться ID Quantity цвет описание
No Image970c00pb1881Light Bluish GrayHips and Legs with Gold and Dark Bluish Gray Armour Print
No Image970c00pb1871Dark Bluish GrayHips and Legs with Gold and Dark Brown Armour Print
970c001Dark BlueHips and Legs [Complete Assembly]
30222BluePlate 2 x 2
30202TanPlate 2 x 4
24191Light Bluish GrayPlate 3 x 6 Cut Corners
36661Light Bluish GrayPlate 1 x 6
37102Light Bluish GrayPlate 1 x 4
305032Dark Bluish GrayWedge Plate 4 x 4 Cut Corner
611842Light Bluish GrayTechnic Pin 1/2 with 2L Bar Extension
614092BlueSlope 18º 2 x 1 x 2/3 with 4 Slots
30392TanSlope 45º 2 x 2
3040b2Dark TanSlope Brick 45º 2 x 1
507461Trans-Dark BlueSlope 30º 1 x 1 x 2/3 [aka Cheese Slope]
507462Trans-ClearSlope 30º 1 x 1 x 2/3 [aka Cheese Slope]
30483Pearl GoldSlope 45º 2 x 1 Triple
477533Dark TanWedge 4 x 4 No Top Studs
325301BlackTechnic Pin Connector Plate 1 x 2 x 1 2/3 [Two Holes On Top]
No Image136081Flat SilverMinifig Laser Pistol
981414Pearl GoldMinifig Crescent Blade, Serrated with Bar
3839b1BlackPlate Special 1 x 2 with Handles [Flat Ends / Low Attachment]
604703BlackPlate Special 1 x 2 with Clips Horizontal
922801BlackPlate Special 1 x 2 [Top Clip]
26541TanPlate Round 2 x 2 with Rounded Bottom [Boat Stud]
496682TanPlate Special 1 x 1 with Tooth
28171Light Bluish GrayPlate Special 2 x 2 with 2 Pin Holes
483361Pearl GoldPlate 1 x 2 [Side Handle Closed Ends]
2412b1Dark PurpleTile 1 x 2 Grill with Bottom Groove
508612BlackTyre 21mm D. x 6mm City Motorcycle
508622Light Bluish GrayWheel 15 x 6 mm City Motorcycle
445672YellowHinge Plate 1 x 2 Locking with 1 Finger on Side
604712Light Bluish GrayHinge Plate 1 x 2 Locking with 2 Fingers on Side
61341Light Bluish GrayHinge Brick 2 x 2 Top Plate Thin
39371Dark Bluish GrayHinge Brick 1 x 2 Base
No Image50859b1BlackMotorcycle Chassis, Long Fairing Mounts
No Image895361Dark RedMotorcycle Fairing Modern
No Image4589b5Trans-PurpleCone 1 x 1 [Top Groove]
No Image973pb1203c011Light Bluish GrayTorso Alien with Gold, Dark Brown and Silver Armor Print / Light Bluish Gray Arms / Dark Purple Hands
No Image973pb1202c011Dark Bluish GrayTorso Alien with Gold, Dark Brown and Dark Purple Armor Print / Light Bluish Gray Arms / Dark Purple Hands
3626cpbl1Dark BlueMinifig Head with Eyes in Mask, White 'A' and Black Line on Back Print
No Image973pb1096c011Dark BlueTorso Armor with White Star on Chest Print / Dark Blue Arms / Dark Red Hands
No Image3626cpb7611Pearl GoldMinifig, Head Alien with Black, Purple and White Print - Stud Recessed
No Image3626cpb7621Pearl GoldMinifig, Head Alien with Black and White Print Pattern - Stud Recessed
No Image75902p021Dark RedMinifig Shield Round Bowed with Bullseye with Star Print
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