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Hero factory

Teile liste:





Teil ID Quantity Farbe Beschreibung
37051BlackTechnic Axle 4
320626RedTechnic Axle 2 Notched
45193Light Bluish GrayTechnic Axle 3
870832Dark Bluish GrayTechnic Axle 4 with Stop
325231BlackTechnic Beam 1 x 3 Thick
325262BlackTechnic Beam 3 x 5 L-Shape Thick
438571Light Bluish GrayTechnic Beam 1 x 2 Thick
37133Light Bluish GrayTechnic Bush
320394BlackTechnic Axle Connector with Axle Hole
6538c1BlackTechnic Axle Connector [Smooth X hole + orientation]
3705935713BlackTechnic Axle Connector 2 x 3 with Ball Socket, Open Lower Axle Holes
489891Light Bluish GrayTechnic Pin Connector Perpendicular 3L with 4 Pins
112721Pearl Dark GrayTechnic Axle Connector 2 x 3 Quadruple
48989983134RedArm Mechanical [Thick Support]
27808BlackTechnic Pin with Friction and Slots
65582BlueTechnic Pin Long with Friction Ridges Lengthwise
321382Light Bluish GrayTechnic Pin Double with Axle Hole
642762Dark Bluish GrayBeam 1 x 2 with Ball Joint Straight
985773Dark Bluish GrayTechnic Beam 1 x 3 with Ball Joint in Middle
535851BlackTechnic Ball Joint with Through Axle Hole
981412Flat SilverMinifig Crescent Blade - Serrated with Bar
647271Light Bluish GraySpike Flexible 3.5L
534514Flat SilverBarb - Small
2780906072BlackHero Factory Arm / Leg with Ball Joint on Axle and Ball Socket and Two Pin Holes
No Image906162BlackHero Factory Arm / Leg with Ball Joint and Ball Socket and Pin Hole
No Image906231BlackHero Factory Torso, Large with Ball Joints
No Image906392RedHero Factory Armour with Ball Joint Socket - Size 5
No Image906502RedHero Factory Shoulder Armour
No Image935751RedHero Factory Fist with Axle Hole
No Image98570pb011WhiteHero Factory Chest Badge with 'H' on Light Bluish Gray Background Pattern
No Image11302pat00013Trans-RedLightning Bolt with Axlehole with Marbled Trans-Yellow Pattern
No Image112701Trans-Neon GreenHero Factory Head with Handle
No Image104985Trans-Neon OrangeHero Factory Armour with Ball Joint Socket - Size 4
No Image742616Dark Bluish GrayHero Factory Joint Extender [High Friction]
No Image906084Dark Bluish GrayHero Factory Arm / Leg with Ball Joint on Axle and Ball Socket and Pin Hole
No Image112732Pearl Dark GrayHero Factory Shield with Half 'H'
No Image922222Pearl Dark GrayHero Factory Shield with Handle for Clip
No Image112711Flat SilverHero Factory Full Torso Armour with 4 Handles
No Image113051Flat SilverHero Factory Weapon - Blade with Curved Tip
No Image906522Flat SilverHero Factory Torso Armor
No Image906612Flat SilverHero Factory Foot, Type 2
No Image129411BlackHero Factory Cape, Large
No Image112801RedHero Factory Mask (Furno 2013)
No Image11269pb011Trans-ClearHero Factory Helmet Visor with Clip with Face Guard Print
985782Pearl Dark GrayHero Factory Weapon - Spiked Ball, Half
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