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LEGO 8511 Frost

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Part ID Quantity Color Description
320623BlackTechnic, Axle 2 Notched
320731BlackTechnic, Axle 5
37052BlackTechnic, Axle 4
37062BlackTechnic, Axle 6
320562Dark GrayTechnic, Liftarm 3 x 3 L-Shape Thin
323112WhiteTechnic, Arm 1 x 7 x 3 with Gear Ends
4265c4Light GrayTechnic Bush 1/2 Smooth
320131BlackTechnic, Axle and Pin Connector Angled #1
321841BlackTechnic, Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular 3L with Center Pin Hole
65362BlackTechnic, Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular
321662Dark GrayTechnic, Gearbox Half
323072Dark GrayTechnic, Axle Connector Block 3 x 6 with 6 Axleholes
65362WhiteTechnic, Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular
36471WhiteTechnic, Gear 8 Tooth
3648a1WhiteTechnic Gear 24 Tooth
47161WhiteTechnic, Gear Worm Screw
27803BlackTechnic Pin with Friction and Slots
320542BlackTechnic, Pin Long with Friction Ridges Lengthwise and Stop Bush
37492Light GrayTechnic, Axle Pin without Friction Ridges Lengthwise
32062bb1702UnknownTechnic, Disk 5 x 5 (Style Variable, for set inventories only - Do Not Sell with this entry)
No Image323061WhiteTechnic Wheel Holder 7 x 3
No Image32310pb011WhiteTechnic Block 3 x 5 x 1 2/3 with RoboRider Frost Pattern
No Image78c072WhiteHose, Ribbed 7mm D. 7L / 5.6cm
44972Trans-Light BlueMinifig, Weapon Pike / Spear
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