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LEGO 70166 Spyclops Infiltration

LEGO nr.:


LEGO year:


LEGO theme:

Ultra agents






Part ID Quantity Color Description
37051BlackTechnic Axle 4
320626RedTechnic Axle 2 Notched
32123b1Light Bluish GrayTechnic Bush 1/2 Smooth with Axle Hole Semi-Reduced
320341BlackTechnic Axle and Pin Connector Angled #2 - 180°
65533BlackTechnic Pole Reverser Handle
321923Dark Bluish GrayTechnic Axle and Pin Connector Angled #4 - 135°
102881Dark BrownTechnic Axle and Pin Connector Triple [120° Offset]
37053626cpr16051YellowMinifig Head Glasses Digital with Light Brown Eyebrows and Chin Dimple Print [Hollow Stud]
No Image3626cpr16071YellowMinifig Head Alien with Metal Mask, Purple Juwel, Green Eye, Pointed Teeth Print [Hollow Stud]
306081TanMinifig Hair Flat Top
No Image970d00pr08061Flat SilverRight Leg, Bright Light Orange Left Leg, and Light Bluish Gray Hips with Dark Red and Gray Straps with Pouches and Belt Print
No Image973pr2910c011Bright Light OrangeTorso Armor with Straps and Spiders on Front and Back Print / Bright Light Orange Arm Left / Flat Silver Arm Right / Dark Bluish Gray Hands
No Image970c00pr08051Dark BlueLegs and Black Hips with Boots and Silver Knee Pads with Graphs Print
No Image973pr2909c011Dark BlueTorso Black, Silver and Medium Azure Body Armor with Ultra Agents Logo over Shirt and Black Tie Print / Dark Blue Arms / Yellow Hands
No Image983133Dark RedArm Mechanical [Thick Support]
27801BlackTechnic Pin with Friction Ridges Lengthwise and Center Slots
30232Reddish BrownPlate 1 x 2
859844BlackSlope 30° 1 x 2 x 2/3
929464BlackSlope 45° 2 x 1 with 2/3 Cutout [Original Version]
542004Pearl GoldSlope 30° 1 x 1 x 2/3 (Cheese Slope)
36603Dark RedSlope Inverted 45° 2 x 2 [Ovoid Bottom Pin, Bar-sized Stud Holes]
114772Dark Bluish GraySlope Curved 2 x 1 No Studs [1/2 Bow]
441263Sand BlueSlope Curved 6 x 2
No Image154112BlackBrick Special 1 x 1 with Stud on Side and Conductive Element on Opposite Side
47332Dark Bluish GrayBrick Special 1 x 1 Studs on 4 Sides
4599b1BlackTap 1 x 1 without Hole in Spout
153911WhiteMinifig Gun, Blaster Mini
927471Trans-Light BlueMinifig Shield - Ovoid with Grip
153923Dark Bluish GrayMinifig Gun Trigger
424461Dark Bluish GrayNeck Bracket [One Stud]
113031Dark RedMinifig Cap - Short Curved Bill with Seams and Hole on Top
No Image150642Flat SilverInsect Leg / Tail
302382Flat SilverSpider
No Image154032BlackPlate Special 1 x 2 with Mini Blaster
37091BlackTechnic Plate 2 x 4 [3 Holes]
25407Dark Bluish GrayPlate Special 1 x 2 Side Handle [Free Ends]
41753Dark Bluish GrayPlate Special 1 x 2 with Ladder
No Image3069bpr01391Trans-BlackTile 1 x 2 with Padlock, Head Mask and 'ML-FILE' Print
559811Pearl GoldWheel 18 x 14 with Pin Hole, Fake Bolts and Shallow Spokes
61342Light Bluish GrayHinge Brick 2 x 2 Top Plate Thin
39372Dark Bluish GrayHinge Brick 1 x 2 Base
3062b4Trans-Neon GreenBrick Round 1 x 1 Open Stud
4032a8BlackPlate Round 2 x 2 with Axle Hole Type 1 (+ Opening)
47401Trans-RedDish 2 x 2 Inverted [Radar]
61415Trans-Neon GreenPlate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud
112131Light Bluish GrayPlate, Round 6 x 6 with Hole
61411Trans-OrangePlate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud
446764Sand BlueFlag 2 x 2 Trapezoid
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