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  1. mrzoom
  2. Ask for instruction
  3. Lunes, 30 Septiembre 2013
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i'm trying to identify where does this fig, found in my old games, comes from.

a basic builder set ? an idea photo from a catalog ? a supplementary photo on a box ?
i certainly saw it somewhere when i was a child (between 70 and 85)

thanks for advice.
mrzoom Respuesta aceptada Pending Moderation
hi, merry christmas.

you were right, i probably have of combination of sets.

i have washed and cleaned over :
- yellow : 26 bricks 2x4, 4 2x3, 11 2x2
- white : 39 bricks 2x4, 13 2x3, 12 2x2, 24 1x2
- black : 25 bricks 2x4, 12 2x2
- blue : 22 bricks 2x4, 5 2x3, 15 2x2, 20 1x2
- red : 49 bricks 2x4, 14 2x3, 17 2x2, 13 1x2
and a lot of misc small pieces.

I confirm that the blue plate 2x8 used for the cow-boy hat does not belong to the set 733 i own. I sorted and inventoried all the pieces of that set.

It seem there is a combination of two sets of years 1975-1978, like sets 40, 50, 113, 114.
these basics sets did not came with instructions, pics on the box was the only help to build something.

i don't remember if the misterious cow-boy was one of the pics of theses boxes, or of i saw it in other place.

i made a house from these bricks (took from idea book yellow cover n°2, year 1975, page 19)

sure my kid will appreciate it :)
Leon Respuesta aceptada Pending Moderation
I've searched the sets and it's not in there. I've scanned about 45 original idea books and it's not in there either. There are loads of similar type samples in those books but not this one. Therefore my questions:

- Where did this picture come from? Did you make it yourself or did you find it somewhere?
- Should it be from 1 set or can it be made from several sets? So far I've been able to track down 3 possibilities for construction sets from that period that could contain these parts but I'm not sure so:
- The black plate that goes in the hat, is that a 2x8 or two 2x4's?
- The black brick of the waist, is that a 2x10 or something completely different?
- What colour is the head, yellow, tan or white (being yellowed of age).

If you have the model yourself, what type of inverted slopes are there, new ones (with flat bottom tube) or old ones (with round bottom tube)?
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