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  3. Lunes, 12 Marzo 2012
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I inherited a load of Lego from the 1970's (shortly before I stopped playing with it in my youth) and am now trying to identify which sets it is made up of (as I want to build the original sets). Through a process of elimination, I'm getting there slowly, mainly through identifying the most unique bricks (already identified set 360 this way).

I've attached a few bricks, which I believe are form early 1970's sets. If someone can help identify where they are from, that would be great! ;)

I should point out - I anticipate that these bricks in the image are not necessarily from the same set - they are amongst hundreds of other bricks.

It is also of course possible that these are from 1960's sets - I'm making an assumption that they are 70's, based on the previous owner's birth date.
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They are light grey. I think they do belong to 331 and 331, and one other of a similar type.

I think the long one with the hole comes from a motor set, though I don't have the motor.

Here's one which has really been bugging me though - these large light grey "basic" type plates.
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the light grey large piece is from a train set 120 I have the piece in front of me now
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Yes, it probably is the castle set from weetabix. That would also explain why I have 1 single Legi flag (minus broken pole)!

The 3 town promotion sets from 1976 were in fact my first sets, which I still have.

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I think they may be from 332 and 331 (I have the doors and the winch), but as I don't have any grey tyres at all, I'm not so sure.

Did they sell the same sets with black tyres?

Also, I think the long grey plate with the gap is for a motor, but I don't have the motor.
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Are the plates light grey or dark grey?

lightgrey could be in set: 100,112,113,115,702, 102, 103, 107, 120 etc 1969-1971

I don't know dark grey.
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