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LEGO 8912 Hewkii

LEGO no.:


LEGO año:


LEGO tema:




Número de páginas:


Archivos adjuntos

Parte ID Quantity Color Descripción
37051BlackTechnic, Axle 4
37081BlackTechnic, Axle 12
320623RedTechnic, Axle 2 Notched
45191Light Bluish GrayTechnic, Axle 3
473061BlackBionicle Hips / Lower Torso with 2 Ball Joints and 7 Tooth Half Gear
508982Bright Light OrangeTechnic, Axle and Pin Connector 2 x 7 with Two Ball Joint Sockets
321741BlackTechnic, Axle Connector 2 x 3 with Ball Socket, Open Sides
416782BlackTechnic, Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular Double Split
448091BlackTechnic, Pin Connector Perpendicular 2 x 2 Bent
6538b1BlackTechnic, Axle Connector (Ridged with x hole x orientation)
65531BlackTechnic Pole Reverser Handle
3705473131Trans-Neon OrangeBionicle Head Connector Block Eye/Brain Stalk (Toa Metru)
No Image473121Dark Bluish GrayBionicle Head Connector Block (Toa Metru)
321743Bright Light OrangeTechnic, Axle Connector 2 x 3 with Ball Socket, Open Sides
472962Bright Light OrangeTechnic, Axle and Pin Connector 2 x 5 with Two Ball Joint Sockets
27803BlackTechnic Pin with Friction and Slots
430934BlueTechnic, Axle Pin with Friction Ridges Lengthwise
42744Light Bluish GrayTechnic, Pin 1/2
472972BlackBionicle Toa Metru Leg Lower Section
No Image535422BlackBionicle Foot Toa Inika Clawed
No Image535481BlackBionicle Toa Inika Leg Lower Section
534511RedBarb Small (Helmet Horn)
5752510RedBionicle Weapon Cordak Ammo
301042Dark Bluish GrayChain, 21 links
No Image541772Pearl Light GrayMinifig, Weapon Spiked Ball Half with 2 Axle Holes
No Image575231Pearl Light GrayBionicle Weapon Cordak Blaster
No Image575271Pearl Light GrayBionicle Weapon Aqua Warblade (Hewkii Mahri)
575391Pearl Light GrayHose, Flexible Ribbed with 8mm ends, 19L
No Image575432Pearl Light GrayBionicle Weapon Small Blade (Hewkii Mahri / Solek)
No Image535631Bright Light OrangeBionicle Piraka Arm Section with Two Ball Joints
No Image535641Bright Light OrangeBionicle Piraka Torso with Two Ball Joints
No Image57532pb011Bright Light OrangeBionicle Mask Garai with Black Face
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