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LEGO 2509 Earth Dragon Defense

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Archivos adjuntos

Parte ID Quantity Color Descripción
320624RedTechnic, Axle 2 Notched
320732Light Bluish GrayTechnic, Axle 5
45194Light Bluish GrayTechnic, Axle 3
604832Dark Bluish GrayTechnic, Liftarm 1 x 2 Thick with Pin Hole and Axle Hole
30012Dark TanBrick 2 x 4
3040b10Dark TanSlope Brick 45 2 x 1
474572Dark TanBrick, Modified 2 x 2 x 2/3 Two Studs, Curved Slope End
30035Reddish BrownBrick 2 x 2
36606Reddish BrownSlope, Inverted 45 2 x 2
3678b1Reddish BrownSlope 65 2 x 2 x 2 with Bottom Tube
37001Reddish BrownTechnic, Brick 1 x 2 with Hole
417661Reddish BrownSlope, Curved 8 x 2 x 2
42872Reddish BrownSlope, Inverted 33 3 x 1
474564Reddish BrownBrick, Modified 2 x 3 x 2/3 Two Studs, Wing End
30021Light Bluish GrayBrick 2 x 3
604751Light Bluish GrayBrick 1 x 1 with Clip Vertical
30043Dark Bluish GrayBrick 1 x 2
304142Dark Bluish GrayBrick, Modified 1 x 4 with 4 Studs on One Side
32064b6Dark Bluish GrayTechnic, Brick 1 x 2 with Axle hole (New Style with X Opening)
3747b2Dark Bluish GraySlope, Inverted 33 3 x 2 with Connections between Studs
481701Dark Bluish GrayTechnic, Brick Modified 2 x 2 with Pin Hole, Rotation Joint Ball Half (Horizontal Top)
579097Dark Bluish GrayTechnic, Brick Modified 2 x 2 with Ball and Axle Hole
481691Dark GreenTechnic, Brick Modified 2 x 2 with Pin Hole, Rotation Joint Socket
575851Light Bluish GrayTechnic, Axle Connector Hub with 3 Axles
65531BlackTechnic Pole Reverser Handle
320164Reddish BrownTechnic, Axle and Pin Connector Angled #3 - 157.5 degrees
32062973pb863c011BlackTorso Ninjago Gold Dragon Front and Gold Lion and 'Cole' Back Pattern / Black Arms / Black Hands
No Imagex541BlackMinifig, Headgear Ninja Wrap
No Image3626bpb5321YellowMinifig, Head Male Raised Bushy Eyebrows, White Pupils, Chin Dimple Pattern
322701BlackTechnic, Gear 12 Tooth Double Bevel
474551BlackTechnic Rotation Joint Ball Loop with Two Perpendicular Pins with Friction
65581BlueTechnic, Pin Long with Friction Ridges Lengthwise
320541Light Bluish GrayTechnic, Pin Long with Friction Ridges Lengthwise and Stop Bush
624621Light Bluish GrayTechnic, Pin Connector Round with Slot (Pin Joiner Round)
40732BlackPlate, Round 1 x 1 Straight Side
638684BlackPlate, Modified 1 x 2 with Clip Horizontal on End
305651GreenPlate, Round Corner 4 x 4
30202Reddish BrownPlate 2 x 4
30222Reddish BrownPlate 2 x 2
36663Reddish BrownPlate 1 x 6
37955Reddish BrownPlate 2 x 6
40324Reddish BrownPlate, Round 2 x 2 with Axle Hole
24441Light Bluish GrayPlate, Modified 2 x 2 with Hole
30212Light Bluish GrayPlate 2 x 3
483364Light Bluish GrayPlate, Modified 1 x 2 with Handle on Side - Type 2 (closed ends)
604704Light Bluish GrayPlate, Modified 1 x 2 with Clips Horizontal
24192Dark Bluish GrayWedge, Plate 3 x 6 Cut Corners
30211Dark Bluish GrayPlate 2 x 3
30239Dark Bluish GrayPlate 1 x 2
30321Dark Bluish GrayPlate 4 x 6
303832Dark Bluish GrayHinge Plate 1 x 2 Locking with 1 Finger On Top
36391Dark Bluish GrayHinge Plate 2 x 4 with Articulated Joint - Male
36401Dark Bluish GrayHinge Plate 2 x 4 with Articulated Joint - Female
3709b2Dark Bluish GrayTechnic, Plate 2 x 4 with 3 Holes
447282Dark Bluish GrayBracket 1 x 2 - 2 x 2
24322TanTile, Modified 1 x 2 with Handle
41505Dark TanTile, Round 2 x 2
437191Dark Bluish GrayWedge, Plate 4 x 4
543831Dark Bluish GrayWedge, Plate 6 x 3 Right
543841Dark Bluish GrayWedge, Plate 6 x 3 Left
29041BlackTechnic Motorcycle Pivot
38492BlackMinifig, Weapon Lance
No Image535624BlackBionicle Foot Piraka Clawed
646441BlackMinifig, Utensil Telescope
No Image93057pb021BlackMinifig, Armor Breastplate with White Shoulder Spikes Up and Ninjago Cracked Dark Red Skull Pattern
No Image970c00pb1041BlackHips and Legs with Gray Belt and Black Markings and Gold Dragon Tail Pattern
No Image87079pb0182WhiteTile 2 x 4 with Asian Characters Pattern
No Image930612WhiteArm Skeleton, Bent with Clips at 90 degrees (Vertical Grip)
930622WhiteLeg Skeleton with Black Square Foot
No Image93066pb011WhiteMinifig, Head Modified Skeleton, Skull with Red Eyes, Cracks and Worm Pattern
548212TanBionicle Zamor Sphere
930591TanMinifig, Headgear Hat, Conical Asian
301531Trans-GreenRock 1 x 1 Jewel 24 Facet
301531Trans-RedRock 1 x 1 Jewel 24 Facet
301531Trans-YellowRock 1 x 1 Jewel 24 Facet
477597Reddish BrownWedge 2 x 4 Triple
No Image648679Reddish BrownWedge 4 x 4 Fractured Polygon Top
No Image93071pb011Reddish BrownDragon Head (Ninjago) Upper Jaw Spiny with Dark Tan Scales, Sand Green Stripes, and White Teeth Pattern
647272Light Bluish GraySpike Flexible 3.5L
26544Dark Bluish GrayPlate, Round 2 x 2 with Rounded Bottom (Boat Stud)
302931Dark Bluish GrayRock Boulder, Top
302941Dark Bluish GrayRock Boulder, Bottom
305532Dark Bluish GrayHinge Cylinder 1 x 2 Locking with 2 Fingers and Axle Hole On Ends
45892Dark Bluish GrayCone 1 x 1 without Top Groove
592291Dark Bluish GrayMinifig, Weapon Sword, Scythe Blade with Clip Pommel
No Image920132Dark Bluish GrayTechnic, Brick Modified 2 x 2 with Ball Receptacle Wide and Axle Hole
929463Dark Bluish GraySlope 45 2 x 1 with 2/3 Cutout
No Image93072pb021Dark Bluish GrayDragon Head (Ninjago) Lower Jaw with White Teeth and Sand Green Spines Pattern
No Image935715Dark Bluish GrayTechnic, Axle Connector 2 x 3 with Ball Socket, Open Lower Axle Holes
642752Pearl Dark GrayBionicle Thornax Launcher Half (Glatorian), Liftarm End 1 x 8
30173b1Flat SilverMinifig, Weapon Sword, Shamshir (Square Guard)
877472Flat SilverBarb Large (Claw, Horn)
No Image6126b1Trans-OrangeWave Rounded with Base Rim (Castle Dragon Flame, Seaweed, Water)
303741Pearl GoldBar 4L Lightsaber Blade
877471Pearl GoldBarb Large (Claw, Horn)
926901Pearl GoldBar 1L with Top Stud and Two Side Studs
62394Sand GreenTail Shuttle
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