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LEGO 6221 Nex

LEGO nr.:


LEGO anno:


LEGO tema:

Hero factory



Nombre de pages:

Parte ID Quantity Colore Descrizione
320622RedTechnic, Axle 2 Notched
300881BlackMinifig, Weapon Spear Gun
43491BlackMinifig, Utensil Loudhailer / SW Blaster
32062906092BlackHero Factory Arm / Leg with Ball Joint on Axle and Ball Socket
No Image906112BlackHero Factory Arm / Leg with Ball Joint on Axle and Ball Socket
No Image906261BlackHero Factory Torso, Small with Ball Joints
No Image935751BlackHero Factory Fist with Axle Hole
548211Bright GreenBionicle Zamor Sphere
No Image906412WhiteHero Factory Armor with Ball Joint Socket - Size 3
No Image98569pb081WhiteHero Factory Full Torso Armor with White and Orange Circuitry Pattern
No Image98570pb011WhiteHero Factory Chest Badge with 'H' on Light Bluish Gray Background Pattern
No Image906414OrangeHero Factory Armor with Ball Joint Socket - Size 3
No Image906612OrangeHero Factory Foot, Type 2
No Image985641OrangeHero Factory Zamor Sphere Launcher - Bottom Half with Axle Hole
No Image985941OrangeHero Factory Mask (Nex)
No Image642621Trans-Bright GreenBionicle Head Connector Block (Glatorian)
25691Trans-Neon GreenAntenna Whip 8H
No Image57539pb021Trans-ClearHose, Flexible Ribbed with 8mm ends, 19L with Lime Green Center Pattern
No Image906174Light Bluish GrayHero Factory Arm / Leg with Ball Joint and Ball Socket
No Image48729b1Dark Bluish GrayBar 1L with Clip Mechanical Claw - With Cut Edges and Hole on one Side
No Image535513Pearl Dark GrayBionicle Chain Link Section
No Image922151Pearl Dark GrayHero Factory Weapon Accessory - Machinery Armor
No Image985622Pearl Dark GrayHero Factory Weapon - Handcuff
No Image985631Pearl Dark GrayHero Factory Zamor Sphere Launcher - Top Half with Barrel and Sight
No Image985921Pearl Dark GrayHero Factory Shoulder / Knee Armor
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