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LEGO 6229 XT4

LEGO nr.:


LEGO anno:


LEGO tema:

Hero factory



Nombre de pages:



Parte ID Quantity Colore Descrizione
No Image935711Dark Bluish GrayTechnic Axle Connector 2 x 3 with Ball Socket, Open Lower Axle Holes
37491TanTechnic, Axle Pin without Friction Ridges Lengthwise
25691Trans-Neon OrangeAntenna Whip 8H
614031Flat SilverTechnic Circular Saw Blade 9 x 9 with Pin Hole
25161YellowMinifig Chainsaw / Drill Body
575392BlackFlexible Ribbed Hose 8mm ends 19L
No Image906094BlackHero Factory Arm / Leg with Ball Joint on Axle and Ball Socket
No Image906121BlackHero Factory Arm / Leg with Ball Joint and Ball Socket, Short
No Image906414YellowHero Factory Armour with Ball Joint Socket - Size 3
581761Trans-RedLight Cover with Internal Bar / Bionicle Barraki Eye
No Image906178Light Bluish GrayHero Factory Arm / Leg with Ball Joint and Ball Socket
No Image922202Pearl Dark GrayHero Factory Weapon - Claw with Clip
No Image906341BlackTechnic, Pin Connector Perpendicular 3L with 2 Pins, 2 Ball Joints on Axle
No Image906382BlackHero Factory Armor with Ball Joint Socket - Size 6
No Image985901BlackHero Factory Torso, Extra Small with Ball Joints
No Image878412YellowLarge Figure Foot, Short with Ball Joint Socket (Ben 10)
No Imagebb5741YellowHero Factory Mask, One Eye Opening (XT4)
No Image98570pb011WhiteHero Factory Chest Badge with 'H' on Light Bluish Gray Background Pattern
No Image906152Light Bluish GrayHero Factory Arm / Leg with Ball Joint and Ball Socket and Two Pin Holes
922182Flat SilverHero Factory Weapon - Rubber Blade, Long
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